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Reiki, Reiki Training, Reiki Healing, Distance Healing and Energy Work      


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Lorelynn is a certified Reiki Master and counselor. She teaches Reiki Classes and has created Spectrum Energetics, a unique blend of Reiki, Counseling and Etheric Healing



* A full range of Counseling Services

* Distance Healing Services and Coaching

* Energy Work Sessions and Classes including 

* Reiki and Karuna Reiki

* Integrated Etheric Healing (IEH)

* Teen & Children's Services

Reiki, Reiki Training, Reiki Healing and Distance Healing

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Together we work to provide you with support on your journey to wholeness and empowerment. You bring your life tapestry, your pain, your passions, your vision of a full life. I bring myself, my life wisdoms, my professional training, my respect and my love.

Three to six month time commitments are common to uncover and unravel the threads that bind, chart new paths, and move forward toward your goals.  Working on all areas synergistically provides you with a momentum for change and conscious living.

* Relationship    

* Personal growth

* Empowerment

* Career Path

* Life Passages

To read more about working at a distance, click here. To read more about coaching opportunities click here.  

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Reiki, Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy WorkEnergy Work

After practicing in traditional counseling and psychotherapy for many years  I became extremely dissatisfied with the depth and amount of change these models of mental health afforded.  How could I successfully help someone move through their (sometimes very deep)  wounds and family systems into health and wholeness?   I began searching for more expanded visions of who we are, who we can become... and how to actually help someone get there.

Now the mental health field is (finally) moving away from pure analytical, behavioral models and slowly starting to embrace a more holistic design.  Energy workers are at the forefront of this paradigm shift whereby psychology is finally getting its soul (psyche) back again!

There is now a limitless array of techniques, guides, and tools available as each person learns to co-create a beautiful reality for themselves.  I have been trained in a number of techniques and offer sessions and classes on those below. 

Many clients have found a combination of counseling and energy work to be gentle yet powerful in its effects!

Areas we focus on are Reiki , Hands-On & Etheric Healing, and Integrated Etheric Healing (IEH)..

To read more about these types of energy work that I offer click here.

Reiki, Reiki Training, Reiki Healing and Distance Healing


Reiki, Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy WorkWorkshops

Working together on a similar issue is a powerful way to express ourselves, understand there really is nothing 'personal' about our personal stories, and most times just plain inspiring.  We often mirror those who travel together with us and universal themes bring like-minded souls together.

I offer a variety of workshops and a free Healing Circle from my office in Beaverton.  I am also available to travel to outside locations, with a minimum of 4 people attending.

Our office is located in Beaverton, OR -  a short distance west of Downtown Portland off Highway 26 near Cornell Road.

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