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Reiki Classes; Guided Counseling and Alternative Therapy     2015 Offerings!  

Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing Classes          

NEW WEBSITE!!! will now include all latest dates and events!

Classes with Arise include:

Reiki 1:   hands-on healing    

Reiki 2:  distance healing         

Reiki Master

Sacredness In Our Everyday Lives:

                            Lorelynn on Soul Matrix Radio

Checking In with our Inner Child:

                            Lorelynn on New Connexion Well Being Web Course

Angelic Chording    classes and personal sessions

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom: ongoing workshops on intuitive guidance

Karuna Reiki Master & Language of Light Healing Master : Call for interview 

Spectrum Energetics Etheric Healer , Level 1 Call for interview


                            Step Forward  ... Now is the time!


 Sign up    to reserve a spot by calling (503) 430-0401   



Reiki Training, Chakra Healing; Reiki Master and Reiki Circles


Reiki, Reiki Circles, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy WorkAbout Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing Classes:


Reiki 1st Degree: 1 day class. Learn the basics of Reiki, a gentle, hands- on healing and rejuvenating method of caring for yourself and others. Reiki 1 is the first part of Reiki healing and is taught in conjunction with Reiki 2. I strongly recommend taking Reiki 2 in conjunction with this class.

Reiki 2nd Degree: 1 day class. This class completes basic Reiki training. Reiki 2 increases the power of your Reiki, heals and balances mental and emotional issues. Reiki 2 also allows you to send healing energies to past, present, or future situations. Very quantum!!

Angelic Coding and Guidance:  Access your Angelic Lineage, DNA coding, Angelic Coding attunement, automatic writing, intuitive guidance

Reiki Master - 3 day class  Call to make private class.. This class enables you to step more fully into your mastery self. We need more healing masters in this world!! For those who like to teach - this class enables you to train others. If you have had Reiki 1 & 2 for at least 1 year - consider stepping forward to serve on a more empowered level with Reiki Master.

Karuna Reiki Master & Language of Light Degree: 4 day class  Call for interview and to schedule dates (Reiki Master is a pre-requisite). Karuna Reiki Master is for those students who have already been attuned for Reiki Master. Karuna enhances your healing techniques and allows you to be trained in sound and cellular healing and sacred geometry. This is an exquisite Language of Light healing method! You will be certified as Karuna Reiki Master and Language of Light Healing Master.

Spectrum Energetics Healing Master: 3 day classCall for interview - must be Reiki Master and know 1 other healing modality. Highest level of energy work for advanced healers only. Chakra and Intuition based healings set for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues. Very empowering!!



ALL CLASSES are kept small for personal attention. 

CEU credits are available for anyone wishing them. All certifications are for Usui Reiki.

Please contact us to confirm your space by email or phone, and send a $50 deposit to reserve your space in the classes. >>> Payments

We also accept credit cards through PayPal. 


                    Know that you are invited!


                                                    (Please call or e-mail to reserve a space in the event / class)



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Reiki Practice 

Come and bathe in the exquisite healing / healer energies!.

 It is always delicious to experience many people giving Reiki to you! 

Each event is limited so that we can have a personal experience. Please call or email first to reserve a space

Hope to see you.... please call or email to reserve a space.




         Guided Counseling, Distance Healing, Spectrum Energetics Classes

                                                                                    individually scheduled


Personal guided counseling, distance healing, healing energy work, Reiki sessions, Spectrum Energetics healing sessions, chakra clearing and balancing, and are available. Most appointments are during the week from 10 am - 5 pm although some weekend and evening hours available. Call to check!

To leave a message:  (503) 430-0401 


Reiki, Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy Work   Arise Reiki in Portland  





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