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 - Alternative Healing - 

Combining Reiki and Aromatherapy offers a popular alternative energy treatment. You can choose from a number of therapeutic essential oils and defense products to enjoy. For example, Lavender and Sage, two popular essential oils, are traditionally used for cleansing and relaxation, while essence of peppermint and citrus, especially mandarin orange, is invigorating and energizing.

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      Young Living Essential Oils and Founder Gary Young continue to set the pace for the alternative healthcare industry as global leaders in the research and development of innovative essential oils and health-related products. Using the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils and leading-edge technology, Young Living has developed a new line of products designed to help people of every age live healthier, happier lives. Their state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge production facility ensure that every Young Living product consistently leads the industry in purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Good health and financial freedom

If we could show you a way to be able to improve your health, increase your energy and stamina, improve mental clarity, maintain a constant feeling of well-being, maintain your weight, feel younger, and look younger, would you be interested?

If you could develop multiple income streams running your own home-based business in the exploding wellness industry, would you be interested?

If you have ever considered enjoying a healthier lifestyle with the freedom of being your own boss, now is the perfect time, and Young Living Essential Oils is the perfect distributor  / home based business opportunity!

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Our main office is located in Beaverton, Oregon -  a short distance west of Downtown Portland off Highway 26 near Cornell Road.  Arise healers and trainers are available in other parts of Portland.  Distance healing methods are available with no geographical limitations.   


Arise Reiki Healing, Reiki Training Classes and Guided Energy Work, 

located in Portland, Oregon



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