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Sales Outsourcing for Sales Effectiveness

                                                        - Aligning long-term vision with short-term action

 Remove your personal blocks to abundance and step forward as a healer and successful business practitioner.  

The Business Side of Healing - In order to grow a holistic business practice (Reiki or other), practical tools related to business planning, finances, organization, business structure, marketing, and legal issues are needed. A thorough understanding of these tools are needed and are available through our workshops, private sessions and business resources.

...and what about the more subtle aspects of the business tasks at hand? In your private practice, consider the following:


 - How to do the marketing? Can Arise help with this?

 - How do you budget effectively?

 - What about maintaining our quality of life? 

 - What are the characteristics of your ideal clients?

 - What are the characteristics of spiritual leadership? 

 - How can we master the art of professional networking? 

 - In what context does my business serve the greater good?


- Creating Business at a Higher Octave - 

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Classes and private sessions are offered by Tony Cardo, business consultant and business coach with 20 years professional experience and trained in developing holistic healing centers. Tony is available to assist with start-up business considerations as well as on-going marketing efforts designed to grow your business.                                                                        

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Alternative, Business Planning, Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy WorkDid you know?


Many Alternative Healers and those who have learned the techniques of Reiki consider starting a business practice where they can have paying clients of their own.... Once a student is comfortable and grounded in the Reiki energy, he/she may want to start a part-time practice sharing this gift or teaching others. Over time, this can grow into a full-time endeavor.




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