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Stepping Forward... what does it mean for you?

Here is what it means to others:

We are offering this web page to all those who wish to share their thoughts of hope, peace, and global unity.  

Below are some of my offerings as well as others I have received.  Sound your tone ... share the understanding that you have.  To be included, please email  your vision  to me at

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          The Blessings of ALOHA

It is a bridge from Hawai'i's past that unites the islands to this very day. ALOHA.

Literally, the breath of life.  In a single word, we embrace the gentle pulse of stars and sunshine.   The rise and fall of the ocean.

And the deep breathing of the Earth itself.  In our daily lives, Aloha is a reminder that we don't just breathe the same air.  We breathe the same breath.

And that breath is what sustains us.  It strengthens us when we are weary.  And it teaches us to love, with every breath we take. 

It is our hope that in the days ahead, you will fell the spirit of Aloha, no matter where you are.

And that the breath of life will be the world's to share forever.


The Islands of Aloha

The Oregonian 10/0/01

                       A Call to Arms                               

No newspaper, radio, or TV news.  Being media-free for over a decade has had a wonderfully freeing effect upon me.  No longer tied to the daily diet of horror, devastation, and despair, I have been free to create and live in a world of peace, hope, and light.  When I needed to know of some particular atrocity, others were sure to let me know, along with a comment about how out of touch I was.  But it worked for me.  

Two incidents catapulted me directly into this tragedy.  The first was a call from my sister early in the morning of Sept. 11th.  All of my family live in New York.  My brother-in-law is a NYC policeman, a cousin is an EMT worker, other cousins are volunteer firefighters. My husband and I worked in NY and passed through the World Trade Center every day for years.  In fact, if we hadn't moved to Oregon, my husband would have been working there now - or maybe not.  So the connection and pain was personal, immediate, and overwhelming.

The second incident came hours later while huddled around the communal campfire (TV).  Where had I heard the words 'suicide pilots' before?  And then I remembered a vision which had come to me 2 days before.  As I walked into my kitchen on Sept. 9th, I 'saw' into a cockpit, directly looking at a side profile of a man who was flying a plane. He was not dressed as a pilot, but he seemed sure, steady and determined, not mad, raving, or fanatic.  

And then the words,  "They are suicide pilots and they are coming."   

"What? Japanese kamikaze pilots?"  I asked.  

"No, they're not Japanese and they're not kamikaze.  But they are suicide pilots and they are coming."  

Not knowing what this meant, or why I was thinking of something so strange, I just shook off the vision and went about my day.  And the next day.  Having been brought inside this hurricane of events so forcefully and personally has generated many understandings about this incident and the ramifications which are to come.  I offer them to you.


Birthing Pains

Many have prophesized this millennial shift as a coming era of peace, higher consciousness, and global unity.  This time has begun,  the birthing pains have started.

For those of us who have given birth to a child, we understand viscerally that the process is not without its own price. It is painful, bloody, and beyond the scope of the mind's ability to grasp.  

I prepared extensively for the birth of my daughter, with homemade tapes, affirmations, inspirations, and devotion to the process.  And yet the reality of her birth was as far from my preparation - and my fervent hope - as possible.  It devolved into a grueling and sometimes humiliating process of a hospital (Caesarean) birth along with cruel undertones from two or three hospital staffers.  I had nightmares for weeks afterward where I was chased and pinched by one particular labor room nurse.

And yet my precious daughter is here ... the sun and the moon and the stars to me.  Ask any woman afterwards - the price can be unspeakably high - but always worth it.

'Birthing pains' is one layer of my understanding of the events that happened on Sept. 11th. 

It's easy to have a 'doom and gloom' attitude toward the future.  Many versions of those possible realities are found in most science fiction books, movies, and overriding fears generated through mass consciousness.  And yet there are growing numbers of us who refused to be held enchained by this horror.  

Simply, we hold a Vision of a wonderful future for our children and for their children's children. How is that possible?  How can we escape the relentless drive toward destruction of our planet, our resources, our very lives from 'madmen' of all shapes and sizes?

Each moment since that fateful day, especially in transitional states of sleeping and waking, we have a choice.   To hold on to Hope or fear,   Light or darkness,   Love or hate. To call upon tolerance, vision,  prayer, inspiration, and surrender to higher purpose. Or not.

Choosing carefully our realities, our banners,  we create ripples in the fabric of fear.   

Choosing carefully as we live the precious, everyday moments of our daily lives, we create a web of peace. And, as has been said, peace is not the absence of war.  Peace is a state of beingness.

As we stand at this fulcrum point, we all know intuitively that life will never be the same.  Lines are drawn out to generations in the future from decisions made now.  And of course this particular doorway has been created from decisions made from generations before us.  Lines coming from and going out into infinity - and we are the Light-Prism through which all the lines pass.  Because we are here now.  Because we choose to be.

So we stand at the threshold.  And we stand straight, breathe deeply, and with a song of hope and praise we endure.  We endure the pain and the grief.  We endure the feelings of hopelessness and fragility.  We endure the agony of waiting for news of survivors .  We endure the sun shining gloriously the last week of summer and the first week of autumn and life going on.  We endure the issuance of war.  

We endure.  We are birthing.


Embracing the Polarities

We hear from every side the 'right' response to this attack.  Those who cry out for justice, for self-protection, for blood and retribution, and those who fiercely oppose the laying down of lives to prevent future holocausts. Peace marches and war whoops. Is this a war we can really win?  By missiles and bombs?  By turning the other cheek?   By dialoging with nihilists? 

And we are called to hold our arms wide enough to embrace all.  To be gentle and tolerant  -- whatever stage of awareness or reasoning.  We are all being stretched and aided in our understanding of higher purpose and destiny.  And we will be held accountable for our actions as well.

 We each must take the step that is in front of us.  With wings of grace we can fly further, and sometimes we do.  And other times we crawl along in our  lessons --- barely able to slither out of a pit of our creation before sliding back into another (of despair, guilt, intolerance, judgment, anger... there are many,  we must know our favorites by now).  

Yet there is a patterning that holds that each of us as part of the whole.  Just as the earth is being visioned and re-membered as a living, breathing, consciously intelligent entity, so too are we integral to the One living, breathing, wriggling, emerging, transcending mass of human energy inhabiting the planet. 

We are as vile and full of hatred as the lowliest one and as compassionate and glorious as the highest.  We birth together this millennial shift and move forward lurching at one step and flying at another.  Until we learn to soar.

A unique opportunity is now being presented: to heal the schisms that have erupted throughout the millennia in the world around us and just decades ago in our country.   "War mongers"  vs. "peaceniks".  The have's vs. the have-not's.  The betrayers vs. the betrayed. Justice and  Peace at war with each other?  Choosing sides?   Why?

For healing and transformation to occur, we need to embrace and integrate our own shadow selves, as a person, and then collectively as a nation and, ultimately, as a race.  We now have an opportunity to compassionately embrace and heal all of who we are and all of who we are to become. 


A Call to Arms

And so it starts with us.  Like it always does.  Integrating the Light and the dark in our own lives.  Bringing balance and justice and peace to our warring sides.  Standing in our wholeness.  Integrating and accepting those parts within us we wish to annihilate or deny or mask.

And then we widen our circle to our family and friends.  Healing the divisions, opening honest communications, living our truth.  And then we widen again to our neighbors and community.  And wider still to our country.  And finally we widen our arms to embrace all on this planet, all nations, all conscious and sentient beings, all those who grieve and mourn yet still hold a spark of hope in their hearts.

We all make high level executive decisions each day that will affect the world - or at least our world. Let us live in trust, acceptance, and tolerance as we hold firm to our ideals - and not continue to pit one truth against another.  Those who choose to step forward at this time with dignity and resolve to draw a line in the sand with their own lives - are they not as wondrous as those who embrace and envision for all of us mercy, compassion, and forgiveness?  Peace exists within all of our breasts as does Justice and Truth.  Rather than fight over our separate understandings of right action, we are asked to align ourselves, without judgment, to the over-arching realities of Peace, Justice, and Truth. 

Embracing all, we step forward together. 

Love to you,


I appreciate this dialogue regarding chaos vs. calm... fear vs.
knowing, peace vs. war.  During this amazing week, I have made considerable effort to
choose calm --  
What I have discovered is that Joy lives on the other side of the door
named "Calm"...
I also have seen how niceness melts intensity, every time...  leaving me free to experience nice intensity when it is needed.  

Later, I was flipping channels on the TV, moving along many news
reports of destruction, pain and talk of war - -according to an ABC
poll, 86% of Americans choose war - - then more flipping, more talk of
war, war, war...
...Then I immediately flip to a channel that's playing Rocky (the movie)
- - the scene is Adrian and Rocky together at the ice skating rink,
Rocky is behind Adrian - they're moving slowly on the ice, Adrian says,
"Why do you want to fight, Rocky?"
Rocky says, "Because I can't sing and dance... Hey..."

... how we respond... is not irrelevant. Each of us contributes to the chaos .. or adds calm.  We fall into the the pit despair, or we nurture hope.  We relieve our grief and our tension by focusing on vengeance or by focusing on compassion.  We live in the consciousness of US and THEM (3rd Chakra), or we  breathe in the understanding, that no matter what it looks like the Truth is that it is Us AND Them (4th Chakra).  We do have some choice in determining our Personal reality in this tragedy. (and in turn, in some way the outer one).  Day by day, hour by hour, by breath... what do WE add to collective consciousness? 

 Blessings In Light and Love,

September 14, 2001 Message from Orin and DaBen (

During times such as these, enormous numbers of people are open to new ways of thinking,  and are listening to the voice of their hearts and their souls.  The great loss that has occurred has given everyone a chance to reflect upon the purpose and meaning of their lives.  It has impelled millions to turn upward, reaffirm their belief in God/Goddess/All-That-Is, and feel their oneness with each other.  

We see a humanity that is more united than ever before.  Even if the unity experienced at this high level is for just a brief while, the joining together that is now happening will have effects for years to come.  Humanity is learning how to form a collective voice, and the inner connections that are being formed during this time will be carried out with new actions, thoughts, organizations, choices, and decisions that will change the course of history.  

The group of souls who gave up their lives, and the loved ones they left behind, are part of a remarkable soul group.  Take a moment to sense the courage, love, and sacrifice this group of souls has made.  Those souls who have passed on have given humanity an enormous opportunity to awaken their inner strength and the will to act with wisdom to bring about world peace and unity.  

These are remarkable souls, and you will note in the stories you hear about them that they seemed to be special people known by their kindness, willingness to help others, and by a certain light and radiance they possessed.  These souls and their loved ones are being honored and blessed by the loving thoughts of millions.  Through their sacrifice, and through the prayers of millions, they will move to a new level of spiritual awakening as souls.  Those who are left behind will find many rewards of light, awakening, love, and spiritual progress coming to them out of this great sacrifice that they are experiencing.   


September 30, 2001 Message from Orin and DaBen 
About the World Trade Center Events

Events continue to unfold.  Never before have so many people responded to a world crisis by joining in prayer and focusing their collective will on love, unity, and a better world for all.  We will call everyone  who is focusing on this higher vision a "lightworker."  This inner work is creating a more solidified bond amongst lightworkers, and making available a steadier, stronger stream of light and love.  Even though you may not see the results of your inner work and prayers, it is making a difference.  You are preparing the way for a better world for yourself, your children, and for future generations.  

We do not see that there will be a world war, or that this is the beginning of the end.   Humanity has already demonstrated wise leadership and a greater maturity than ever before.  Eventually this current situation will end with a more stable world and a greater unity among many nations.  We cannot tell how long this will take, or how easy or difficult the process will be, for you live on a planet of free will.  We do see the direction, for the heart centers of humanity are awakening, and many in leadership roles are being guided by their souls and following a higher wisdom.  

In the next century, the energies that have stimulated the development of individual ideals and the extreme expression of this, fanatical devotion, will be diminishing.  The forces and energies of what has been called the 'Aquarian Age" will become more dominant.  Humanity is ready to move on to creating higher ideals that serve the whole.  People will become increasingly aware of the oneness of all life, and of their individual path and purpose within the greater whole of life.  

You can accelerate and help make this transition easier for humanity by becoming aware of any thoughts or beliefs you could shift to be more open, inclusive, and broad in your viewpoint.  Sense how you are connected to other people, to all the kingdoms of nature, to the earth, to your soul, and to the souls of others.  Feel your underlying unity with all life, and let this awareness grow.    

When disturbing world events occur, use your imagination to picture the eventual positive outcome.  Refuse to live in fear or energize negative scenarios - do not think of them, imagine them, talk about them, or worry about negative outcomes.  Every time a negative picture comes into your mind, replace it with a positive vision for humanity.   

Your commitment to expressing love is the greatest gift you can give at this time.  Have love and compassion for yourself as well, and treat yourself kindly, for loving others starts with self-love.  


World Trade Center as Mother


I stood strong and housed you each day

as you went about your business and on your way


My steel beams held tight your life

with dignity and pride


  But my arms were hit and bent by evil

and my body set ablaze by jet fuel


I held you

I held on to save those still within my body

I held on to let you out safely


  I was burning

I could feel it

but I wanted to save you, my children

as you ran from my body


  My steel arms gave way and I crumbled

I could not hold you and instead my love, my very existence destroyed you


I am sorry

I could not be a better mother, children

Please forgive me for not being able to hold on longer, God knows I tried

Please forgive me for not being able to save your precious lives


I am sorry my steel arms gave way

I am sorry I let them win


I am no longer your nine to five mother

I am now the undertaker, your final resting place, your smoldering gravestone


I never meant for this to happen

I wish I were stronger

I wish I could have held you

Please forgive me


©  Michele Amendolari 2001

Dear Lorelynn~
What a wonderful idea! :)  Here is my submission.

Lots of love,

My hope is that through the tragedy of September 11th, we learn to ask the
right questions and we become more aware and conscious to human suffering
and the suffering of all sentient beings.  The souls that laid down their
lives did not do it in vain.  There are more and more of us who have the
courage to look inside and see the light there.  We are light beings & are
connected in light and love.  No man is an island, and we must not turn a
blind eye to those that suffer.  Now more than ever we must continue with
our work inward, we must find our light and let it shine.  Here is a little
quote about letting your light shine:

Nelson Mandela said it best in a 1994 Inaugural Speech:

Our deepest fear is not that we are
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful
beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most
frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that
other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we
unconsciously give other people permission
to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

I think the biggest task we all face is not to lose hope.  A very dear
friend of mine from Chicago sent me this poem a few weeks before the
tragedy, and it is with this that I leave you:


The world came to us while the night was dark;
"Be Builders in the twilight of the Dawn;
Prepare a place for Him who cometh nigh."
The order came from the Hierophants of Light.

Stones we were - rough-hewn, battered, scarred,
Stupefied by Pride and blinded by Conceit.
Humbled we are and bound by the years and the days of God,
Ready to build a place of Peace, if so we may-
The Temple we were to build of Mastership and Love,
White with the Light of the Sun,
Towering up to the stars,
Lighting the world of Man.
Now, of our hopes, and our tears and our lives,
We are building a place of Peace for our souls;
We are raising a house where the Powers may speak,
Where the Christ may bless, and the Master come-
Birthed in pain, and storm and loss;
Founded in comradeship and love;
Builded in friendship square and true;
Facing the rising sun in the East,
May this house of Love illumine the Dawn.
May this stone of Hope, this Center Stone,
Be true in its place;
May every heart and every hand that helps in this work
Be the hand of a friend, and the heart of a friend.
Though the building be hard, and the trial deep,
May we win to the end.
Three walls we must raise to the span of the roof,
Of Love, and Faith, and Hope undimmed.
United we stand in the dawn of a day.
We are building new entwining Hearts,
Where Golden Love may strengthen the walls.
Here may the Masters speak.
Here may the Christos come.
Here may we kneel in Peace.
Here may we kneel in Love.

-John O. Varian

Peace, light and love - we all are one!

Dixie Arnold


Hi Lorelynn,
> Here is a letter I was guided to write to our prez, v.p., secretary of
> state, and our US senators.
> I felt some action was required on my part. The more of our voices they
> hear, the more powerful
> our energies become.
> Dear Senator
>   Hello. I am a native U.S. citizen living in Cornelius, OR. More
> importantly, I am a human being living on this planet, Earth.
>   The 9-11 was and is a 'wake-up' call.
>   I believe that we are all being called to expand our views of what's
> important to something beyond the personal, beyond family, beyond
> to something global. Yes, those associated with the attacks of 9-11 need
> be found and brought to face whatever consequences are appropriate.
> I believe that we in America, and the people of the developed countries,
> need to begin to shift our focus to identifying and healing the underlying
> reasons of what creates these and other types of heinous acts. Poverty,
> of education, insufficient food and water supplies, little or no medical
> care, and horrible housing conditions for a great many of the world's
> population are some of the factors that form the breeding ground of the
> hatred and hopelessness necessary to foster these types of violent
> activities.
>   War, retaliation, or any kind of violence in the name of justice and
> righteousness, have never created peace for more than a few decades. They
> only address the symptoms and simply don't work long term. The old
> will only reappear at another time with another face.
>   As the world's only remaining 'superpower', let's begin to shift our
> away from war, hate and fear. Lets begin to focus our time, talents, and
> energies on creating global programs for healing our collective wounds and
> move into a new era of peace, prosperity, abundance, cooperation and
> goodwill toward all men. We can no longer afford to be a world of the
> and have nots'. We must, at some point, transcend the 'us vs. them'
> mentality. We are rapidly approaching that point. The path of America is
> lead the world into a new era. If we all take a real interest in the other
> fellow's wellbeing, they will eventually be able to look at America with
> kind eyes. They will not feel a need to bring us down, for they will have
> been brought up.
>   After all, if God is everything, we are all a part of everything as
> If God's left hand was badly wounded, would He cut it off or endeavor to
> heal it? The energies behind terrorism and hate need healing, not more
> punishment. If we find that we want to strike out in retaliation, fueled
> anger, hurt, or vengeance, doesn't the healing process begin with US?
>   Let's all begin the healing process, and let violence slip off into
> history. We can create lasting peace in our lifetime, if we choose. I know
> where my heart is. I hope that you too can find, in your heart and mind,
> ingredients necessary to create peace.

> This one is a piece from Djwahl Kuhl:
> The world is watching, listening, waiting for the giant that America is,
> collect itself and respond to the 9-11. How will America proceed?  Are you
> apprehensive about the next steps?  Will we start another Viet Nam?
> *war* on drugs? It is insane to use the same remedy over and over and to
> expect different results. How do we get different results? Change
> In all the fields that we operate in, we must find and use *New, Improved*
> :-) methods.
>  As the darkness is being shown to us, we are finding that which wishes to
> be healed. Yes, the dark now wants to be
> healed. The dark is crying, yes screaming for help. It too wants to be
> loved. There is much power as the dark is integrated with light. Without
> power of the dark, we can only operate at 50% capacity. We are not whole.
>  As the dark is integrated, it is transmuted and transcended. At the
> of every dark mineshaft of fear, there is always a treasure. A reward.
> in fighting it, but in facing and moving through our fear do we find that
> treasure and become empowered and whole.
>  We may ask,"Am I ready to face this fear"? We would not be called if
> unready. The time is now. Empower your Selves. Become the god and goddess
> that you are. Stop looking outside for the answer. *It* is inside. In the
> dark.
> Blessings,
> Paul




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