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Karuna Reiki, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy Healing WorkAdvanced Energy Healing

For those in a healing practice, Karuna Reiki Master is a way to increase your healing practice. Designed for Energy Workers, it has two attunements and many new treatment symbols. Those who receive the attunements report experiences with their guides and a healing presence. With these new tools, students will take Reiki and Master Energy to the next level.

Karuna Reiki Master &  Language of Light Master (2 classes in one) are designed for those on the Mastery Path. Sound, cellular, intuitive, guided and vibrational healing techniques are taught. Over 21 energy glyphs are attuned. 

Karuna Master and Language of Light is 4 day class and it takes Reiki and energy healing to the next level! You will be attuned to 9 symbols for Karuna
Reiki Master and 11 more for Language of Light.

Designed for Reiki Masters, Karuna Reiki Master  includes a certificate from The International Center For Reiki Training. At this class, the ability to dialogue fully in the Language of Light is also attuned.

Embrace your Magnificence Empower your Destiny Path

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Karuna Reiki, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy Healing WorkAbout Language of Light Symbols

These symbols build on the Karuna Reiki symbols and are usually placed on the body after the original Karuna Reiki Master 1 symbols.  Zonar starts the energy bath; Halu is set for breakthroughs; Harth fills the field with heart energy. Om is placed at the head for expanded God Consciousness and Rama is placed at the feet for grounding and manifestation.


Karuna Reiki, Reiki Training, Distance Healing and Energy Healing WorkCall to reserve your place in the class - 503-430-0401

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