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Reiki 1 (First Degree):  This basic Reiki hands-on healing method includes all hand positions and the attunement for Reiki practitioner. After attending this class, you will be able to do Reiki on yourself or others.

Your Reiki 'First Degree' course is a one day course consisting of a comprehensive manual and practical energy work with other students.

Topics covered during the workshop include:

Reiki and how it works
Energy and matter
How to treat yourself and others
The History of Reiki
Causes of Disease
Extensive practical training is also given.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing method that is both hands on (Reiki 1) and also able to be sent to distant situations and people  (Reiki 2).   It is unique among healing methods today as it involves learning symbols to augment healing;  an attunement process between someone who is trained to initiate others (Reiki Master) and a student; and, finally, it does not involve any personal energy from the healer for the healing to occur.

Reiki is a Japanese name which is pronounced   'RAY  key'.  It translates to universal life force energy.  'Rei' signifies the universal source energy flowing through everything.  This source energy is seen as innately intelligent.  'Ki' signifies the personal life force energy and is analogous to Chi in Chinese and prana in Indian systems.  Thus, Reiki implies that the universal source channel is directly connecting to our personal life force and thus intelligent healing energy surges forth.

Doesn't this healing happen automatically without Reiki?

Yes, this does happen automatically.  For instance, when you cut your finger, most of us wash the cut, maybe put on some topical cream, and a band-aid.  In a few days, voila!, we take the band-aid off and the cut is "magically" healed.  We are not really involved in the healing process.  The body has an innate intelligence and amazing ability to heal. 

So why learn Reiki?

What Reiki seems to do is strengthen the channel through conscious attunements, empower us through specific healing techniques,  and focus our energies in a specific manner for healing to take place on a more conscious level. 


Yet Reiki is much more than conscious, physical touch.  It allows one to step into a moving river of energy into which saints and sages, healers, and masters have waded, healing themselves and others.


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