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Reiki Classes

Attunements for Reiki students and practitioners at every level...

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The following classes detail the Reiki healing system:

Reiki 1 (First Degree):  The basic Reiki hands-on healing method is taught including all hand positions and the attunement for Reiki practitioner.  By the end of this class, you will be able to do Reiki on yourself or others.

Reiki 2 (Second Degree): Reiki Healing Symbols are shown, and the student is attuned to the Reiki Symbols. Distance healing is taught and another attunement is offered. After this class you will be able to send Reiki to others, send to situations, and even send to the past or future events.  For example, you would be able to send Reiki to a future job interview or to yourself as a child during a traumatic moment.  The possibilities of consciously affecting and empowering your life are endless.

Reiki Master:  During this class you will  be taught how to do the attunement processes so that you would be able to initiate others into this healing method.  There are also master symbols to which you are attuned to during this class. 

Karuna Reiki Master: Karuna Reiki Master completes Karuna Reiki training. In addition to learning and practicing the basic and enhanced Karuna symbols, including Karuna Master, students are taught how to give all Karuna Reiki attunements. Three full days of lecture and practice.

Spectrum Energetics: A unique blend of Reiki Healing combined with etheric energies, counseling and guided imagery, bringing an unusual benefit of Reiki by connecting with energy that brings transformation to all parts of one’s life. Students learn a unique combination of healing modalities here. The mandala of wholeness is complete!

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Arise offers Portland Reiki and Energy Healing Classes

The Arise Portland Reiki Center -- Our office is located in Beaverton, OR -  a short distance west of Downtown Portland off Highway 26 near Cornell Road.





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