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A swimmer tries to keep several beach balls under water, only to have them pop up, and hit her in the face. 

This example illustrates the point of The Shadow Effect, Debbie Ford's documentary on the subject. In the DVD, from start to finish, various scenarios address common hypocrisies that make life difficult and exhausting. The film exposes and explains, in visual presentations and inspired dialogue, how we can revisit our past experiences and learn from them rather than begrudge them. And on a grander scale, it takes on global implications, highlighting unforgettable personalities who speak of issues not often featured in Hollywood - compassion and forgiveness.

We were recently asked by a dear friend and fellow healer, Asandra, to contribute to an article on The Shadow Effect. In the article, Asandra explores the subject and tells us that working with the shadow allows us to discard old nightmares that no longer serve us, so that we can plant new dreams. 

But - is there a lighter and easier way to do this work?

Published in The Examiner (, Asandra has written the article, The Shadow Effect: A Review, which critiques The Shadow Effect. Asandra is an author, artist, and has been a full-trance Channel for the past 26 years and is well versed in topics of spiritual guidance.

What is "the shadow"? It is a psychological term that has been around for more than 50 years, first used by Carl Jung, a student of Freud's. Jung coined this term to include all those aspects of ourselves that are hidden, shameful, even unconscious. The shadow contains hidden parts of ourselves that can rule our lives.

At Arise, we work with clients from a higher soul level, which follows your personal Hero's Journey through your changing inner landscapes.

Sometimes we carry over the unhealed parts of our selves through our ancestral line and our DNA and it is intriguing to work with your personal survival strengths, heal your DNA lineage, and move more clearly into a higher destiny path.

The Guided Counseling and Energy Work we do can bring lightness, compassion, forgiveness, and healing to any and all areas of our multidimensional selves -- without the focus being put so much on 'shadow' work. It is our experience that light dispels any shadows!

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