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             Reiki, Distance Healing, Alternative Counseling and Personal Empowerment 

S P E C T R U M   Energetics TMTM                                            >>> Types of Spectrum Healing Sessions

An Integrated Dialog with Spirit, including:

Healing of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Issues

Hands on Healing & Reiki

Etheric, Angelic Gifts

Guided, Soul Journey

Chakra Clearing

Blending many healing methods, we offer private, individualized sessions to help move you through a painful or challenging times or situations, to help alleviate physical symptoms of distress, or to get Guided information about these events in your life.  Many times understanding the Higher purpose of our life situations helps to unblock our resistance to change and therefore brings clarity, inspiration to continue our journey to wholeness, and  faster healing.

Questions can be asked during this time of Guides or of loved ones who have passed over.  Or,  just relax and receive the information and healing.  Past life threads and soul history which relate to the present issue often surface. 

Many times, additional support is offered, including personal affirmations and mudras  (physical moves),  messages from loved ones and personal Spirit Guides and Teachers,  selected crystals and gems, and prescribed Flower Essences and therapeutic grade essential oils.          

These healing sessions encompass clearing and balancing the chakra system.    Chakras are energy connections to major glands and organs in the body, allowing the electrical/energetic field to hook in with the physical.  Just as trauma is stored in your mind, body and heart, freezing sometimes in unhealthy patterns, traumas are also stored in your energy centers, or chakras.

Etheric "gifts" are often given.  These are etheric components used to help stabilize the integration of the healing energies.  

This complete healing sessions typically lasts 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours.  Follow-up counseling or healing sessions sometimes help to anchor in the new energies, bring more complete understandings and lasting integration. 



S P E C T R U M   Energetics TM 

Class!  Level 1

For Reiki Masters. A 3-day class/ dialogue with Enlightened Beings, Masters, Angels, Loved Ones as you work on the etheric or blueprint level.  Clear physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues. Chakra-based, learn to read coded & intuitive information, set healings in place.


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Contact Information:

Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph. D.

Tel: 503.430-0401


 Distance healing methods are available with no geographical limitations.   


Arise Reiki Healing, Reiki Training Classes and Guided Energy Work, 

located in Portland, Oregon


Call for additional information - 503-690-7727


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