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                                                Reiki, Distance Healing, Alternative Counseling and Personal Empowerment

    Arise services for teens and children include:


         Supplemental Educational Services

   Individual, teens, family and small group sessions        

Also Offering...

Academic and Career Guidance

Individual and small group sessions

College & graduate school advising

Career counseling and job search skills


Reiki Classes For Children

Hands-on healing and energy work sessions and training


Sacred Journey Workshops

Path of Wonder    5-7 years old

Path of Openness    7 - 9 years old

Path of Potential    10 - 12 years old

Path of Vision    13 - 15 years old

Path of Manifestation    ages 16 - 18;  19 - 21 years old

Sacred Journey Workshops help children & teens tap into deeper aspects of themselves.  Includes creative movement, art, myths and hero journeying, and inner work designed to boost self-esteem, heighten creativity and gain deeper awareness of and control over emotions and behaviors.  Separate girls and boys groups

Children learn to navigate their inner world of thoughts, feelings, dreams, character, intuition, and sacred experiences. Each session encompasses creative movement, art, visualization, and a focus on inner awareness.  6 weekly sessions last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes per session.   4 8 participants per workshop


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