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      Reiki, Distance Healing, Counseling and Personal Empowerment  

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The ARISE Apprenticeship program offers you an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Masters – growing personally, expanding your community of Lightworkers, working side by side with professional energy healers, learning every day, and practicing your dedicated passion (perhaps dearest longing) of being a Lightworker! 

You will be taught many types energy tools and models and you will learn to hold a mastery, soul perspective during your daily journeys. You will learn how to monitor, adjust, and soar with your own Personal Energy Management System  through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy fields.

There are 6 levels offered from beginning through advanced energy healing methods. Each level is 18 months in duration and involves monthly personal energy healing and guided sessions, bi-weekly small group sessions, phone/text/email contact, an expanding network of Lighthouse Energies to call upon, and practice, theory, growth, expansion!  Apprentice groups are small and range from 2 – 6 people per 18 months. 

Lightworker Orientation & Training Levels:

Level 1: Energy Healer

Offered for those beginning the journey as an energy healer and Lightworker.  Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training is provided which teaches basic hands-on healing and distance healing techniques.  Intro to energy healing. Personal empowerment. Chakra balancing and clearing. Boundaries and ethics of sending healings.

Level 2: Energy Master

Offered for those who have already received Reiki 1 & 2.  Reiki Master will be provided and you will learn to hold mastery energies in your own lives on a daily basis through all situations, personal and global. You will also learn how to teach other students and prepare them to become energy healers. Standing in the world as a master today. Personal empowerment and discernment. Intuitive skills. Client supervision.

Level 3: Healing Master

Offered for those who have already received Reiki Master.  You will be trained in 2 advanced healing methods.  Karuna Reiki Master TM training is provided in accordance to the International Center for Reiki Training and is a basis for sound and cellular healing. Language of Light Healing Master TM is offered uniquely through ARISE and expands further sound and cellular energy glyph systems. High intutitive skills taught. Work with an expanding array of energy glyphs, sound and cellular healing techniques. Client supervision. 

Level 4: Advanced Healing Master

Offered for those who have received Reiki Master as a platform and one or more other energy healing methods, preferably Karuna Reiki Master and Language of Light Healing Master, although not required.  You will be trained in a highly intuitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient etheric healing method: Spectrum Energetics TM, a unique chakra based etheric healing method taught exclusively through ARISE. You will be taught high level dialoguing with Guides. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings. Client supervision.

Level 5: Energy Dialogue Specialist

Offered for those who have completed Level 4 Apprenticeship Training and have successfully completed all Reiki and advanced healing methods from Levels 1 – 4.  You will be taught advanced etheric healing methods in  Advanced Spectrum Energetics TM. These include etheric healing models for Hero’s Journey, Celebrations,  Transitions, Children, Animals, DNA activations, and more. Recorded sessions.  Client supervision.

Level 6: Arise Partnership Co-Creation

Partner with Arise to build and develop advanced healing practice.  Please call 503-430-0401 for details.

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Karuna Reiki Master and Language of Light Healing Master Classes!

Learn these two magnificent healing methods!

You will be certified by the International Center for Reiki Training for Karuna Reiki Master 

and certified by Arise for Language of Light Healing Master tm





                  NEW FOR 2014!!


Are you ready to step forward and anchor in your calling as a Energy Healer?  We are initiating a Healer Apprenticeship program at 3 levels.  Each is a one year commitment at the end of which you will be ready to stand as a Lighthouse Energy!

1.  Level 1  for those who want to begin their Journey.  You will receive Reiki 1 and 2 attunements as part of this level.

2.  Level 2  for those who are ready to step into Mastery.  You will receive Reiki Master parts 1 and 2 and depending upon your level of attainment also Karuna Reiki Master and Language of Light Healing Master certificates.

3.   Level 3 are for those who are on an Ascended pathway and have held Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master.  You will be initiated into higher levels of energy work training including Spectrum Energetics levels 1 and 2 and Angelic Coding.  You will also be able to be included in the Arise umbrella of Enrichment Services.


Call for an interview!  Know that you are invited!!



Learn S P E C T R U M  Energetics TM   (Healer Level 1):

For Reiki Masters. Dialogue with Enlightened Beings, Masters, Angels, Loved Ones as you work on the etheric or blueprint level.  Clear physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues. Chakra-based, learn to read coded & intuitive information, set healings in place.  





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