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A few comments and messages:


Reiki Classes, Reiki Training, Reiki Master & Holistic Counseling


Dear Lorelynn,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the beautiful class in Reiki. It is truly a gift and I have already given myself my first treatment. I felt instantly comfortable with you and think you are a wonderful teacher. Reiki energy is definitely something I have been needing right now in my life and I am so thrilled that i now have easy access to it. Thank you so much for making it affordable and such a lovely experience. For the incredible Lightwork you do, may many blessings find you. Warmest wishes, DA


I am interested in doing another session with you.  Your last session had a very profound impact on me.  It helped me a LOT to get back to normal almost immediately when I left your office I felt better.....I was very relieved to find I could get my mind back to normal ...rgds, KD


Often, when I see your ads or ready your web newsletter, I think of you. I've missed the time we had together over five years ago. I can't put into words how much you have helped both me and my daughter - and what an incredible difference you have made. My daughter is working and in a relationship - and I thank you for that. You have truly made a difference in our lives. The time and energy and love you gave us saved us = more times than I can count. Love, CA


Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the years. You are a wonderful teacher, coach and master :-)  PR


I want to say Thank you again for teaching me and passing on the beautiful gift of Reiki! I have been practicing and learning more every day since! It has been quite an exciting journey already, so much more than I ever expected. 
Two days after my Reiki II class, my husband and I received a phone call early in the morning that our life long, close friend had a severe stroke, he is only 49 years old and is very fit.  They had taken him to OHSU.  So needless to say we have been very much involved with helping he and his wife during this time.  I hadn't even had the chance to tell them about my being a Reiki practitioner yet when this all occurred.  So I sent distant Reiki Healing to the situation and the intensive care room where he was at and also sent it to his Soul level and asked if he did not want to except it that it be given to others who want and need it.
His recovery has been absolutely remarkable!  The doctors said that he was within a few minutes of either dying or never recovering from this particular stroke, and he ended up being able to walk out of the Hospital after only a week!  He is now at home, and they said that he should be able to recover fully!!!
I am now telling people and their response has been nothing but positive and inquisitive! They all want to know more about it, which I think is wonderful!!
 Thank you once more for everything!  You have helped open a brand new world for me!  Bless you! CF


Thank you for the Reiki class and the Reiki Circles you have given and for the wonderful, sweet, loving, kind, beautiful soul that you are! Thank you for finding me this lifetime and for helping me find the path. Thank you for the light you bring to the world. You are loved and appreciated more than you could ever know. DX


Words alone cannot express my deep gratitude to you! Thank you so  very much for your generous wisdom and knowledge of the language of light. I love your teaching style - you are brilliant! Thank you for showing such grace and magnitude. I am very blessed to know you and have learned so much from you. You are magnificent and powerful guide and healer. Thank you for being such a rich part of my journey! JS


I wanted to give you some follow-up on your successful application of Reiki.  I was easily able to play hockey Sunday night - and did
indeed score a goal! This was so amazing since I haven't been able to play hockey without pain in years. And we only met on the plane last week - and you did Reiki on me for only a few minutes!!  It truly is amazing.  As an oncology surgeon I never would have believed this. It is very much beyond my belief system - and yet it worked.  You have amazing hands!   I have related the story to several colleagues. I have even had a request from one of my patients to have a copy of your card.  Dr. RS


Karuna has completely changed my life!  I have been a healer and a massage therapist for over 20 years and this is like nothing I have ever learned!  It seems as if my healing abilities have gone from black-and-white to color!!  I can't thank you enough!  TS


I've been to therapy many times before but I have never gotten so much in such a short amount of time!  It feels as if I have saved myself 2 years of counseling by coming to you once and having a Spectrum session with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  AM


As a nurse practitioner I am surrounded by so much pain and suffering. Thank you for being there for me - for helping me - and for giving me tools so that I can have safe boundaries and help my patients. I can't wait until this knowledge is there for everyone to receive in hospitals and doctors offices. VU


I feel that I am going through a sort of "healing" or "releasing" of old patterns and I feel the attunements triggered the surfacing of these things. I'm thankful to you for being so present and available to me during this time. I am practicing Reiki more. Thank you for your advice and help - you are a wonderful teacher and friend. Being with you has changed my perspective and expanded my life! AS


I want to thank you again for our visit two weeks ago. This is such a challenging time for me, and your loving, generous, inspiring presence and thoughts have made such a positive difference in my life. I am so grateful to know you and to be able to learn from you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful light with me. DM


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the session I had with you in November.  I felt so supported and hopeful afterwards - a little less lost and alone.  You are such an inspiration. MD


Thank you so much for working with me to allow me to get Reiki 1 and 2. Even thought this was something that as important to me, I didn't think I could make it work because of the money and because I didn't feel worthy enough to get it. After taking the class with you I know more and more that I need to let go of my feelings of low self-worth. Thank you so much for being there for me! NV


Thank you so much for all of your help, guidance, and support for our ceremony. We could not have done it without you and feel very blessed to have you officiating. I would not be here celebrating if it had not been for you and all the counseling work we have done for these past years. Thank you for teaching me Reiki, grounding, and balance. You are my Yoda :-) VW


Thank you for your wise and gentle teaching. Reiki is growing into my life from the loving "seed" experience inspired by your guidance. "I bow to the light within you" as the Indian saying goes. KS


I want to express my gratefulness for your teachings. I had a few dreams after our class, where your wise instructions continued. Sending heartfelt thanks! KT 


Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your class. I was initially in a very equivocal state about the class....thinking I'd have no need for it etc. but I think I can use this. Plus you have made the class very interesting and I am learning a lot which I appreciate greatly. Many classes so far have left a lot to be desired and I appreciate the work you put into this course making it ask for passion  and creativity and you do the same when you bring the information to us. Thank you! MH


I have never taken the time to tell you how much I enjoy reading your newsletter!  You are doing such beautiful work in the world and I feel privileged to be aware of it.  I feel a real kinship with you, and if I lived in your area, I know I would be a frequent visitor.  I have great respect for your ability to synthesize lots of esoteric information and present it in a very understandable, practical format.  I am always inspired when I read your newsletter. Thank you! MO


I tell people other therapists and healers are good at telling you what you need to do to get rid of your ... "manure". You get a shovel and actually help me to get rid of it!  I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me! LP 


I never could have made it through my divorce without you! Thank you for helping me see the highest and greatest good in everything. I am learning how to hold onto my own self and my power in a relationship - and I couldn't have done it without you. TT


I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with you and assist you during both classes. This was a great learning experience for me and helped me in my confidence to teach classes myself someday.  Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher and friend. SM

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